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This website is a D&D 3.5 character sheet iPad app. If you have any questions, please contact me.

The basic idea is that you've rolled the abilities for a new character and decided the class and now, instead of filling out your choices in a standard paper character sheet, you'll enter them here from your iPad or PC. You'll see that the app knows the basic rules, and is a good reference for rules (during game play) that you've already added to your character, but it's not much help for say picking a new feat. You wouldn't ask your paper character sheet which new feat to pick would you? That's what the rule book is for.

The primary advantage of this app over pen and paper is the auto-calculation of stats. Did your strength just get increased by +4? How does that effect your skills and attacks? Did you forget that +1 from the Bard's "Inspire Courage". This app does the math for you so that you can focus on game-play.

The secondary advantage of this app (and this part is still in beta), is that it lets you change the rules. For now, only select people are allowed to write their own rule sets. Want access? contact me. Why do you need to change the rules? Well, first of all this site is only pre-loaded with the open game content. If you want a spell or feat from another rule-book, you'll have to add it yourself. Also, if your DM uses some home-brew (like combining Listen and Spot into Perception) then you'll need to override the core rules. That's what I'm doing and so far it works great, but I haven't had time to make it easy to use, and there's still some hard-code, so if you want to write your own rules, you'll have to contact me first.

To use the app, you should login with any google account, then click the "New Character" button on the home screen. You can choose a name and a picture, then click on the picture to go to the character sheet. It provides workflow hints to get you started and has a user manul on the INFO page.

There's also some limitations to keep in mind:
- Not all classes and equipment have been added. I'm working on it.
- Currently I'm ignoring weapon proficiency.
- Currently I'm ignoring favored class.
- Currently I'm ignoring the base speed reduction caused by armor. (The equation for the reduction needs to consider the player's base speed).
- The favored enemy feat doesn't let you specify the type/sub-type.
- There's no support for which wizard spells have been picked today, and which spells of any type have been cast today.
- There's not automatic calculation for a spells effect based on your current caster level.
- The app doesn't sum the total weight of your gear or tell you about encumbrance.
- The PLACE page currently does nothing.
- The app doesn't let you position or sort how things appear on the pages.


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