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Welcome. This website is a D&D 3.5 character sheet iPad app. It is intended to act as a supplement to a paper character sheet and paper rule books. It is not a replacement. You'll find it's great at automatic stat recalculation, and is a good reference for rules your character already has, but you'll still want the rule books to look up other rules and to help you choose new feats and stuff like that.

It's free for anyone to use, but I never finished adding the core rules and stopped developing it in 2016, so it only has Bard and Ranger levels 1-5, and it might have bugs. But it was working pretty well for me back when I was using it.

I had intended to add the remaining core rules, implement inline updates so that you don't have to wait for a page refresh after each edit, and open up the rule-set editor for general use. But at this point I think the project is dead.

Are you a serious programmer? I'll give you the source and help you get started if you want to take over hosting this project. Contact me.